Amarillo Tech Meetup: Fall Edition

We have some great topics for this meetup.

Living Local and Working Global

You’ve heard it before, “This is a good wage for Amarillo.” Local businesses reduce their cost by tying compensation to local cost of living. But what if you could turn the tables and make New York, London, San Francisco money while paying Amarillo costs?

The chief impact of the Internet is to make the location less important. Two people don’t have to be right next to each other to work together anymore. Many people living in Amarillo work daily with colleagues all over the world. How can you find a gig like that? This talk will cover some of the resources and skills needed to find and keep a remote gig.

Amarillo Tech Meetup Project Updates

  • Adopt a Business Update: DeWayne Higgs
  • Programming Club Update: Barek Bently
  • Make-A-Thon Update: Bill Glover

Beyond Digital Currency: Ethereum and Digital Contracts

Imagine a world where two machines can negotiate a binding contract in real time with no human intervention. That could be pretty incredible even if it’s a website buying a container of product from a factory server in China. Now imagine if, instead, those two machines are cars approaching an intersection and the contract is for who “owns” the intersection for .5 second 10 seconds from now. Who wild is a world where a contract replaces a stoplight? There’s a whole new platform for applications growing out of Ethereum, learn more about the possibilities and the sought-after skill required to write Ethereum contracts.

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