It’s Time for Another Tech Meetup

Hey Techies,

It’s about that time, again! On June 13th at 6:00 pm at the WT Enterprise Center, we’ll be having another meetup.

Food for this meetup is sponsored by Jerri Glover, Realtor.

We’ll talk about the progress regarding our initiatives and hear some great presentations from our speakers!

In addition to the scheduled fare, there will also be some fun and games as brought to you by Bill Glover, and the winner will receive one-hundredth of a bitcoin (approximately valued at $26 given current market rates).

I encourage you all to attend, meet up, have fun, hear a few good presentations, and have some free food! Be sure to RSVP and I’ll see you there!

The following are our speakers in no particular order:

Mark Nair – Discussion on Network Building with Problem-solving Tech People and Maker Spaces in Amarillo.

Mark Nair is an inventor and entrepreneur. He has spent more than 20 years in the entertainment industry building digital platforms that handle digital content, rights management, and digital distribution. He has worked closely with large retailers, including Walmart, to develop digital marketing strategies for in-store promotions and events including the first generation website. He has built retail custom CD and DVD burning kiosks, in-store ringtone distribution stations, music and book promotional stations, digital signage displays, and back-end massively scalable content management systems.

He has produced one of the Internet’s earliest and largest live streaming events for Nick Lachey and 98 Degrees, as well as producing innovative digital marketing campaigns for Willie Nelson, Stephen King, and many other well-known artists. He’s worked with Thomas Dolby and Headspace Labs on the design of early polyphonic ringtones.

He has worked with Nokia in Helsinki on content for their early digital smartphone prototypes as well as with Phillips Electronics in Eindhoven on smart audio waveform interpretation for digital compression. Recently he has spent time in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, China with Quanta computer on designing a new type of e-book reader based on dynamic LCD light-sensitive displays. He is currently working on blockchain technology to improve the transfer of digital property ownership.

Mark has his undergraduate and Master’s degrees from Texas A&M University and attended law school at the University of Texas School of Law.

He has been a member of the San Antonio Arts and Grants Commission, a board member of the Don Harrington Discovery Center, Wildcat Bluff Nature Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Amarillo Adult Literacy Council, Panhandle 20/Twenty, Haven Health Clinics, the Amarillo Little Theater, and Mariposa Eco Village. He has served on the Amarillo City Council as an elected council-member. He is an adjunct technology instructor at Ascension Academy, a local college prep school. He has won awards for poetry and fiction and is currently working on a series of detective science novels for children.

Christopher George – Introduction to Digital Forensics using Open Source Software

Abstract: In a world of digital anarchy, IT professionals and law enforcement must be capable of acquiring, preserving, and analyzing digital sources of evidence as malicious digital activity occurs. By leveraging open source tools professionals can expedite this process and ensure that the integrity of the evidence acquired is maintained.

Mr. George has been working in the IT industry for 18 years and is the owner of Route 66 Computer Company where he supports his break/fix clients and consults on all matters IT. He holds an Associate’s degree in Electronics Systems Technologies from Amarillo College and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Mr. George holds several IT industry certifications from CompTIA and Cisco and has been an instructor of Cybersecurity and Networking for the past 4 years at Amarillo College. In the past two years, Mr. George has developed and delivered a multidisciplinary curriculum in Digital Forensics available to students in the Paralegal and Cybersecurity programs. He also has completed training with the Public Agency Training Council (PATC) and Frisco police department in Mobile Device and Cellphone Records Investigations. Other training includes Digital Forensics Basics and Incident Response with the Texas Engineering Extension Agency (TEEX), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Most recently Mr. George has been a judge for the National Black T-shirt Cyber Forensic Challenge.

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