Our Fall Meetup – On The Road Again

It’s that time again (well past time actually) and we’re having another Tech Meetup.

Please join us for what should be a very interesting program.

-= Hanns-Christian Hanebeck =-

Marketing & Logistics Faculty, Adjunct Professor at University of North Texas

Formerly with Mastercard, IBM, and GlobeRanger.

Chris has spent years on the front lines of RFID, Logistics and asset tracking, so when Chris decided there was a real need for Blockchain in logistics, the industry paid attention. Chis is the Founder and CEO of Truckl.io.

-= Esports Panel =-

In North America, Baseball was the game of the 19th century.

Football exploded onto the scene in the 20th.

The 21st century is shaping-up to be the age of Esports. Our panel brings together representatives from Buff Gaming, Badger Esports and some very special guests. This is your chance to learn more and ask questions.

Be sure to bring a friend if you know someone who’s into gadgets, software, gaming or engineering. If you do bring someone be sure to include your guests when you RSVP so we can plan refreshments accordingly.

Special thanks to the Amarillo College CIS Community for our venue and refreshments.

Our feature photo is a screenshot from “Desert Bus” a game by Teller of Penn & Teller. Arguably the most uneventful game ever created. Now there’s even a VR Version!

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